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We're Looking For Interns

We love our interns. Our interns love us. See below for past intern testimonials.


If you are passionate about music and want to learn more about the industry, digital, lifestyle, grassroots marketing and entrepreneurship, please read on.

Job Description

We're looking for personable, outgoing, driven/ambitious, resourceful, social media savvy interns/team members to help expand artists' music. Having a true passion and interest in music is a must! You are constantly seeking new music and artists on your own via researching music channels (Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, Soundcloud), music blogs, social media, and other outlets - is a must. This internship exposes you to planning, managing, strategic thinking, and digital marketing of developing artists through online activations. You will very quickly become responsible for various projects in a fast-paced, learn-by-doing environment while being surrounded and working with like-minded individuals. Your voice matters.


  • The In Sounds is a music lovers marketing network made up of passionate music fans who want to learn about how to market new and developing artists through marketing (digital and offline)

  • We are accepting applications all year-round. 

  • Start date: Immediately :) 

  • Location: Remote

  • Weekly Hours: Task and project based. You manage your own time.

  • Requirements: A good attitude.  Freshmen, Sophomores, Junior, Seniors, Recent Grads, Non-Grads with experience in the Music industry

  • Response Criteria: Cover letter and Resume sent to

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attend weekly mandatory team calls

  • Communicate with the rest of the team on projects you are working on

  • Be up to date with current music industry trends such as new music releases, upcoming shows, etc.

  • Organize marketing information pertaining to projects the team is working on 

  • Create content to promote The In Sounds and priority artists

  • Become an integral part of our national team and help drive success

Currently, this internship is for resume value and hands-on work experience. There is a per project compensatory lottery.

If interested, please send cover letter and resume at

Here's what our past interns had to say!

Working at Ruth Plus was one that I will never forget. Not only does this internship teach you proper organization when it comes to running marketing campaigns, and managing social media outlets but, this internship taught me various marketing strategies and tactics that I will be able to use in the future. As a full-time student at Drexel University who also manages and works with artists, every aspect of marketing that I learned during my time here will be leveraged into my everyday endeavors. I was very blessed to learn the ins and outs of releasing a single, how to properly create short-term and long-term goals, and how to manage social media channels using algorithms. Marketing is the most important part of music, and I am thankful that Ko was able to mentor somebody like myself and allow me to grow as a person.

- Samuel Spira, Drexel University

My internship at RUTH+ was second to none. During my 6 month internship I learned and got a better understanding of what goes into marketing. As an independent artist this will not only help me with my future endeavors, but it will also add to my value as someone my peers can reach out to and depend on for guidance. Ko does an outstanding job pushing universal skills both big and small that can apply beyond marketing. Communication, mindfulness, and accountability are three of the many we practiced. Looking forward to keeping in touch with Ko as well as those that I became friends with during the whole process. 


- Red Spade

My internship with RUTH+ provided a great opportunity for me to gain knowledge and experience on music and marketing, two industries that have intrigued me throughout college. I was responsible for managing all Tiktok content regarding one of the company's music clients, Jordi Up Late, allowing me to have creative freedom in my content while also having the support I needed if I struggled with anything. Working on Jordi Up Late's marketing campaign via various platforms also assisted me in gaining knowledge on what marketing tactics worked on certain audiences versus others and how to identify the most viable strategy in each situation. All members of the team were very sociable and easy to talk to, creating a cohesive team environment where everyone was willing to help each other. I really appreciated the way Ko fostered a team environment amongst the interns and ensured that we were always bouncing ideas off one another. Overall, I am very grateful for this internship program and the people that I have met during it, allowing me to truly experience what it is like working within the digital marketing world. 


-Jack Elliot (University of Colorado at Boulder)

My internship at Ruth Plus was amazing. The team really took me under their wing and taught me the ins and outs of marketing in the music industry. Walking away from the internship, I feel much more confident in my knowledge of digital marketing and my professional skills.   The team was extremely supportive and instrumental to my professional development.

Juliana Ortiz, University of Florida

Working with The In Sounds has had an extraordinary impact on my college career in terms of helping me grow professionally and personally within the field of marketing and the music industry. Ko Kawashima has been incredibly supportive in giving me opportunities to learn about what it means to be a part of a team as well as work with a plethora of different clients via various platforms. I have learned how to connect with individuals and businesses to
promote the work of many different artists and songs which has helped me grow in the world of outreach and will continue to benefit me in the future. I have also built my graphic design skills drastically, which I look forward to using in the future for my work. I am extremely grateful to work with The In Sounds and Ko Kawashima as I now feel much more confident to enter the
workforce upon the completion of my college education.


- Riley Murphy

“My time here at The In Sounds has been such an incredible experience. From the countless hours spent streaming the playlists, campaign tracks, the amount of skills and techniques I learned are things I will continue to use for the rest of my life. Ko is such an incredible person and genuinely cares about you and what you want to do in this industry. Ko helped me dip my toe into something I had never heard of or even thought of doing in my life. I highly recommend anyone looking to get into the business consider becoming an intern with this amazing  company!”  

- Andrew Johnston, Oklahoma State University

A better learning experience than any classroom would have taught me… 

I am a firm believer that experiential learning heavily outweighs the efficiency to learn compared to lecturing learning as long-term memory is created with information and emotion. After being introduced to a welcoming, and sociable team, I received clear instructions on the basics, and my mentors, as well as the team, were there to guide me along every step of my internship journey. I was assigned my own social media platform to manage and was got to interact with everything on my own. From making the content to researching analytics, I extracted a great deal of knowledge and valuable experience from my internship.

- Yuuta Aoki, Rutgers University

“I am so content with how my internship at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds was. I learned a lot about digital marketing and what the music industry entails. The CEO, Ko, is a gem. She is knowledgable and is always there to help her interns learn and grow. I've gotten to work on really fun projects such as working with up and coming artist, JORDI UP LATE and doing digital marketing for Desert X 2021. I'm forever grateful for the skills I learned while interning here.”

- Rosmary Alarco Villalva (University of Central Florida

"Working with Ko at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds has given me the opportunity to get an inside look at the music marketing industry. Here I’ve learned about artist release schedules, gained industry contacts, planned and created social media campaigns, and collaborated with other great team members. I’ve learned here that research and administrative work, which there is a lot of, is what fuels and supports all creative content that is worth paying attention too. I will be able to take what I have learned from this internship to every future position and even apply these lessons to my personal life projects.”

- John Cole (Point Blank Music School)

"During my tenure I was able to learn new skills as well as refine myself. The weekly team calls were eye opening, when I started I was scared because I never did any video editing but I was given trust, time, and patience. With that I was able to create magic from nothing. Having someone that can put their trust in you and really believe in you is everything someone can ask for. I was all ears in the team calls when you were giving a lesson about how the industry is and giving us tips for the techniques used. I also am thankful that Ko unlocked my creative potential and to add on to that the ability to not stick to practices but also think completely outside of the box. I'd say this is one of the best opportunities anyone could have."

- Kevin Paisano (Hunter College, NYC, NY)

“My internship at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds provided a welcoming environment. During my remote internship experience, I was able to work with talented individuals on projects to meet deadlines. I had personal responsibilities such as filming and editing video content for the social media account every week. Liable for promoting the @theinsounds Spotify playlist and specific artists to a target audience on different platforms. Helped gain traffic for The In Sounds on platforms such as Discord and Reddit.”

- Joshua Porras (Bloomsburg University)

"Being an intern this fall for RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds was such a rewarding experience. Working as an intern remotely was a new experience that was full of learning, networking and developing new skills. I dedicated most of my time and work to the Tik Tok page for one of the client's. As this was something I had never done before, it was made sure that I had all the help and resources I needed. The group of interns that I worked with were all helpful and dedicated to each task they were assigned. This was overall a great internship experience to learn about marketing in the music industry and prepared me for what to expect once I start my career."

- Emily Fine (Florida Gulf Coast University)

"Interning with RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds was very professional and I appreciate my time with the team. The instructions were clear and thorough which made the job much easier. Being able to learn under industry vets Ko Kawashima and Nick Bedding is something not many can say they have had the opportunity to do and for that, I am grateful. They challenge you to think deeper and even more outside the box. I would for sure recommend RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds and their team to anyone looking for their services."

— Justin Mays (Full Sail University)

"My studies at school surrounding my marketing degree, particularly the global aspect, nowhere near compare to the education I have received from Ko and her team. This hands-on internship is experiential, challenging, provoking, and helps you as an individual to cultivate your path in whatever realm of the business you are interested in. Ko herself acts as a leader and mentor while encouraging you to become those two things on your own as well. The team bounces off of one another and that in itself is demonstrative of the high-energy that teems from this workplace. I am leaving Ko with a better idea of my career goals, my life skills, interpersonal abilities, and where to go from here - I am so thankful for this opportunity.”

-Tate Schmergel (University of Southern California)

"Being an intern this fall for RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds was such a rewarding experience. Working as an intern remotely was a new experience that was full of learning, networking and developing new skills. I dedicated most of my time and work to the Tik Tok page for one of the client's. As this was something I had never done before, it was made sure that I had all the help and resources I needed. The group of interns that I worked with were all helpful and dedicated to each task they were assigned. This was overall a great internship experience to learn about marketing in the music industry and prepared me for what to expect once I start my career."

- Emily Fine (Florida Gulf Coast University)

“My internship with RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds provided me with a well-rounded introduction to marketing in the music industry. I worked on a project designed to promote and curate developing artists towards new audiences known as The In Sounds. I was supported creatively through developing video content such as our “Weekly Wrap Up” and short-form videos on TikTok. Ko is an amazing leader who established an effective marketing strategy at the start of the internship and always worked off the ideas and passions of our team. After this summer, I have a better grasp on the expectations of marketing in the music industry and look forward to developing my career in this field..”

- Joyce Barros (University of Nevada, Reno)

“Working at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds has been such an incredible experience, from the environment, community, support, and everything in between. The team was quick to make sure that I was comfortable in my role, and was always there to help and be of support. I have never worked in such a positive and well-rounded environment, where our needs as an intern/employee are always emphasized. It is a wonderful learning environment, and a dependable space to both expand and display your skills in the digital media marketing/music industry.”

-Leili Nourkhaladj (Santa Monica College)

"During this internship with RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds, I gained a lot of knowledge and skills while working on different projects and assignments at the same time. I learned content creation, writing, scheduling, interacting and engaging with people through social media management and research, outreach, and marketing knowledge through promotion projects. Working closely with my supervisors, I even developed my work ethics, negotiation skills and confidence in my skill set which are necessary for me to work as a professional. I appreciate them so much for giving this opportunity to me who speaks English as a second language and all the support. I'm excited to see what the future holds!"

— Haru Yoshimatsu (SUNY Oneonta)

“I enjoyed my intern experience working at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds. I am leaving this internship with a lot of new experience, more knowledge, and sharpened skills that will flow over into all of my jobs to come. This opportunity made me realize the importance of continuously thinking of new and innovative ways to push content in order to stay relevant. Overall, it was a thrilling experience and I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people.”

-Alexis Chatman (Kent State University)

“I started out as an intern at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds right after I graduated from college and immediately digested tons of new information about the music industry as a whole. From working as a digital marketer to working as an apprentice, I increased my communication skills, became more detail-oriented, and better at strategic planning. One other great aspect of working with RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds is their openness and inclusivity. I enjoyed having the ability to creatively strategize, bounce ideas off team members, and execute plans with more freedom than the traditional workplace. RUTH+/The In Sounds brought something challenging every day and I will utilize these experiences into my next career endeavor!”


- Mason Whittingham (University of Southern California)

“This was my first experience at an internship and I loved it here! I got to see both the research and production side of Marketing which was something I was very curious to see before stepping into RNG/RUTH PLUS//The In Sounds. Ko gave us the opportunity to actually apply our research into different projects that range from the music industry, to the fashion industry, and even to the wellness industry. You’ll be able to work on a wide range of projects and most importantly learn how to apply what you learn from school and research into the real world.”

-Christine Seo (Chapman University)

"I really enjoyed my internship at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds! I wanted to learn more about the music business and see if digital marketing was for me. At Ruth Plus, I learned how to create playlists, use new social media platforms, and utilize lifestyle marketing when promoting new artists and music. I ran one of our artist’s Reddit accounts, which was a very rewarding experience that taught me how important social media is to share an artist’s music and expand their fan base. I enjoyed learning about new and up and coming artists, working as a team to solve the challenges of marketing to new audiences, and being given the freedom to post and interact with other music fans organically. Anyone who is looking to learn more about digital marketing and how to promote an artist, then this would be a great opportunity for you!"

- Elizabeth Scarnati (UCLA)

"Interning with RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds has been an important experience for me as a music fanatic finding my place in the industry. Working with this digital marketing team, I was given ample resources to grow my knowledge and strength as a social media coordinator. I was personally responsible for running a fan Instagram page for one of our top artists, which challenged me to think creatively and find new avenues to grow engagement. Walking away from this experience, I feel more confident in my ability to use social media effectively and am excited to see what my next steps in the music industry are."

— Samantha Kerr (University of Southern California)

“My time as an intern at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds was very rewarding. This was my first internship experience in my field of preference, so I was extremely grateful for all of the learning opportunities I had with being an intern here. I learned a lot about the art of digital marketing strategies and how to think outside the box as an all-star marketer, learned more about the physical and digital music realm in general as it comes to ways to promote music for artists, and polished up on my skills as it comes to etiquette on how to word emails when reaching out for artist promotion. In addition to learning about digital marketing, this internship provided countless opportunities for me to be creative and bring in my own ideas.”

- Telaya Strickland (Montclair State University)

"My internship at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds has been a very thorough learning experience. The company culture is diverse, welcoming, and supportive. In my time as an intern, I've applied my previous knowledge while also developing new and valuable insights/skills. I continuously received helpful feedback from colleagues and mentors. Comprehensively, this program has given me a better understanding of the music business industry and the opportunity to improve my marketing capabilities through first-hand experience."

- Bailey Matsumoto (University of California, Santa Cruz)

“My internship with RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds has been an engaging, and insightful experience. Despite my time there being held remotely, there was a strong sense of community between myself, my teammates, and our project managers, who all ensured a welcoming and supportive learning environment. As an intern, I valued being able to express myself creatively and appreciated the opportunity to apply my previous knowledge/skills in real-world situations. In all, Ruth Plus/The In Sounds provided me with the hands-on experiences that I needed to better improve my understanding of social media and how to best apply it within the music business world.”

- Amy Tang (Saint Louis University)

“Interning at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds was genuinely an incredibly valuable experience that will carry on with me for the rest of my academic and professional career. You learn to be incredibly resourceful and take advantage of multiple facets of a situation while thinking outside of the box when it comes to marketing campaigns and keeping fans engaged. Additionally, you learn to be independent and make decisions that are best for your campaigns while, at the same time, working on collaborative efforts and analyzing different viewpoints. What I learned from this internship will enrich me in my future endeavors moving forward in the music industry.”

-Lani Sanace (University of Central Florida)

“Working with RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds was a wonderful journey from start to finish. Not only was Ko a mentor and supervisor, she treated us like colleagues. Personally, I believe that one of Ko's greatest strengths was taking a small team of individuals and creating a community for each of us. Every team call and one-on-one felt personal and that my time was being put towards something meaningful. Another positive when working with Ko is that she is here to maximize your skillset and truly help you grow in areas you may have believed were your strongest. There was never a time where I felt lost, confused, or misled when tasked with projects. While it may seem like my time with Ko is coming to an end, I know that I will always have a mentor and guide with Ko watching my back.”

- Brandon Tam (University of Southern California)

“During my time as an intern at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds, I gained skills in social media and lifestyle marketing. Additionally, I saw the communication strategies that go behind new song and artist campaigns. I enjoyed working directly with up and coming artists and supporting their releases. Also, it was very helpful to work alongside a team that is always willing to help. Ko is a fantastic leader who listens to you, challenges you, and helps you along the way. After weekly meetings, I always left with a new strategy to implement into my outreach. I am glad to have been a part of the team and for my experience. As a music lover with an interest in marketing, I was so grateful to find an internship that combines my passions so effectively!”

— Zoe Guzman (High School Senior)

“During my summer internship at RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds, I was exposed to many different industries. I primarily worked with a small team to market an up & coming artist! I learned about the music industry on a very in-depth level and it was great getting to work hand-in-hand with a group of like-minded individuals. For this being my first internship, I feel more prepared for my future endeavors and am grateful for the exposure I have gained in the marketing world.”

-Gianna Cassano (Chapman University)

“During my time with Ruth+/The InSounds, I learned the importance of working as a team. The InSounds was more than just me and my duties but us as a unit. Having a team of people wanting to help you grow and attain skills needed in the music industry allowed me to feel comfortable and step outside of the box time ad time again. I learned about Lifestyle marketing, creating content, and gained confidence in talent outreach. This internship with Ruth+/The InSounds was a great way to get my foot in the door and have a taste of what my career can be like after graduation.”


-Rhegan Hymes, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

"Being a part of the RUTH PLUS/ The In Sounds team was an incredibly valuable period of time for me. We learned multiple approaches to marketing and business outreach, and got to firsthand partner with artists in increasing their bandwidth. At the In Sounds, we were taught to persist and learn through our failures. This is a place where your ideas and your creativity are highly valued! One of my favorite parts of being a part of the In Sounds was how open Ko and Nick were to our ideas, in addition to teaching us so much about successful music marketing. Being mentored by Ko, Nick, and Rosmary afforded us a wealth of knowledge surrounding the music industry. The In Sounds made me realize I want to work for a record label, something that I didn’t even think was possible for me before."


- Chloe Kimmel (University of California, Santa Barbara)

During my time with RUTH PLUS / The In Sounds, I gained a lot of communication and organizational skills. With Ko & Nick's experience and knowledge, it helped mold my understanding of lifestyle marketing. I enjoyed promoting The In Sounds playlists and helping artists get put onto the growing Spotify playlist. I loved promoting artists and their music, fulfilling their dream to get their music heard by the masses. This is a great internship for music lovers to learn about all areas of marketing. I am more than grateful for having the opportunity to work for RUTH PLUS / The In Sounds. This is a great internship to gain valuable marketing experience. 


-Ricarldo Enrique, Pace University at NYC

"Aprendí mucho en las prácticas dentro de RUTH PLUS/The In Sounds. Fue mi primera experiencia trabajando en marketing digital relacionado a la industria musical, y la verdad me gustó mucho. Trabajé con un equipo muy poderoso que tiene mucho para dar y que siempre estuvo abierto a apoyar cuando lo necesitaba. Si bien el inglés es mi segunda lengua, recibí mucho apoyo para mejorarla y para comunicarme de una manera efectiva en las labores propuestas.”

— Edgar Florez (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad Nebrija)

Thank you so much for this opportunity! You’ve taught me so much during this internship and I had a lot of fun working with The In Sounds.I thoroughly enjoyed my time with The In Sounds & RUTH PLUS. This internship taught me the ins and outs of the music industry, and allowed me to improve my skills in marketing, writing, and content creation. Managing The In Sounds TikTok gave me the chance to enhance my creativity, and develop my own ideas and strategies. Ko and Nick are amazing mentors, and they are always there to help you learn and grow. I especially enjoyed being in an environment where my thoughts and opinions were valued. I leave this internship with increased confidence in my abilities, and an even greater passion for the music industry. I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity!

— Taylor Dietrich, University at Buffalo

If you are looking for an opportunity to get your foot in the door and begin working in the music industry, The In Sounds is the perfect place to start. Over the course of my internship I learned the skills necessary to effectively market music on a range of different platforms. Ko and Nick do an amazing job at allocating different tasks to The In Sounds team in order to ensure each and every project gains as much exposure as possible. I personally was assigned to outreach via Reddit, Discord, and Submithub which gave me great experiences on how to target specific niches to gain traction for up-and-coming artists. Over the course of my time at The In Sounds, I felt my contribution to be extremely fulfilling as I was able to get newly released tracks posted to around 20 different Spotify playlists. I was able to learn how to properly log my outreach for various projects which allowed me to see my contributions and gauge my progress as a curator. I had a 10/10 experience at The In Sounds. If you have a true passion for music and want to get your foot in the door of the music industry you should definitely join The In Sounds team!

- Chris Dal Ponte, Cal State Long Beach

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