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The Freshest In Sounds From Around The World

A team of music lovers, strategists, music business executives + mentors who are passionate about discovering & sharing new tunes to society at large while helping developing artists & their careers.


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Who We Are

Here's what our clients have to say!

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Jordi Up Late

I love The In Sounds from the perspective of both the artist and the listener. As an artist, I feel they are considerate in their questions and consistent in their support of my art. As a listener, I appreciate them as a resource for new music. They have their fingers on the pulse of cross genre pop music.

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Remy Reilly 

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When Ko and Nick first reached out to me, The In Sounds stilled seemed to be in its early stages, and as a small-time artist, it was very nice to know we were all working the best that we could to grow in our respective fields. It was easy to tell from the beginning that they cared about the artists they worked with, and as time went on, they continued to prove that fact. Their service is awesome, and what comes with it is valuable interpersonal support. Being a DIY artist can certainly take you on a lonely and confusing road, but I was grateful to receive support, feedback, and advice from them to navigate through some of the more sticky areas in the music industry. It's nice to know that there is a team that believes in and supports your vision. That's what comes with The In Sounds team!

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Israel's Arcade

I worked with The In Sounds for the release of my single “Israel’s Theme.” They helped us spread the word to a much larger audience with an approach of putting the single up on to almost every social media platform there is. The In Sounds is so great because you have over 20 people all simultaneously working on spreading the word about your project, while doing it very efficiently and effectively. Their ability to have access to playlisting is one that few organizations have. Having that gives you a huge leg up and makes your fight for streams so much smoother. 

Thank you, The In Sounds!

The folks at The In Sounds have been so supportive and helpful in the development of my music career.  Great passionate, competent music people.  If you are looking for a team of folks who get you, look no further.

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